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The use of ultrasound for diagnostic purposes (Sonography) is the most common test method worldwide and is considered to be the most gentle way to take a look at the inside of the patient, since there is no radiation exposure and biological damage is virtually impossible. Orthopedic ultrasound was first used in 1978.

Ultrasound (sonography) can help in the diagnose of a variety of orthopedic diseases. It is regularly used in our practice in the detection of changes in joints, especially in the shoulder, the hip and the knee. Also for the assessment of tendon injuries, such as the Achilles tendon, or muscle injuries, after contusions or larger hematomas, sonography is very helpful.




The great advantage of ultrasound compared to normal x-ray investigations is that during the investigation joints can be moved, thus enabling the detection of disorders that occur only during certain movements or in certain positions.


Punctions Under Ultrasound Guidance

In special cases punctures and injections into, for example, the hip or the ankle can be controlled by ultrasound to allow additional optical control, ensuring a shorter, more accurate and thus more humane treatment.





See below an example of a sonographic examination of the shoulder:

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