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Sinfomed EMG-Diagnosis

Do You Suffer From Muscular Hypertension?

Where do your muscular hypertensions and muscle weaknesses come from?

Of particular importance is the analysis of one of the largest and most important functional mechanisms of the human body: the muscular system. We do this with the computerized SinfoMed EMG, which allows an accurate assessment of the condition of the muscles.

Using special electrodes attached to the skin surface, the ability of your muscles in performing contraction and relaxation is studied. Muscle imbalance, tension and movement restrictions are made visible on the computer screen and are documented and monitored over the entire course of therapy. Thus, important information about attenuated or tight areas can be won. 

Through this study, which is absolutely pain-free and free from side effects, we gather important information about the condition of your muscles and can show you the best therapy to iomprove (eg an EMG biofeedback training cause).



Useful In:

-Shoulder and Neck disorders
-Disc problems
-Back pain
-Muscular changes following surgery (eg knee and hip)


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