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Welcome to Villa Nonnenbusch!

The ambulance of Dr. Ullrich and Dr. Authorsen in Heiligenhaus is a large orthopedic and trauma specialist practice centrally located in the triangle between Essen, Dusseldorf and Wuppertal. As part of the Medical Center Villa Nonnenbusch we are in close cooperation with the Gesundheitszentrum (health center) Heiligenhaus, physiotherapists, osteopaths and non-medical practitioners, whose offices are also in the same location.

Short distances

This gives you the full advantage of medical diagnosis and treatment, but also physical therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and other associated treatments under one roof. This saves your precious time. And through the daily coordination of therapists together we can do everything for your ideal treatment.

Through close contact and cooperation with all the specialists of the area in the fields of surgical orthopedics, hand surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and more we can arrange appointments for these and other specialists from all areas of medicine and coordinate the necessary treatments.

If you plan an operation or a recovery residence in Germany, we are happy to help and to to arrange a hotel stay at the best hotels in the environment or in Dusseldorf.

On the following pages we will present an overview of the capabilities and procedures of our practice, but also hints, information and tips about the orthopedics, trauma surgery, sports medicine and your health. 

Spoken information on the practice (in German) can be found here .

Spoken information about the medical center (in German) you will find here .

Dr. med. Carl Heinz Ullrich
Dr. med. Sven Authorsen

Südring 180
42579 Heiligenhaus

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